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Prevention Refugees

Gaz Kishere Greece

We have been working closely with refugees who have arrived on the shores of Greece having fled war, torture, dictatorships and injustice.  Critical shift in Trafficking strategy occurred in the 90’s where there was a shift from forced movement of people to either ‘happy trafficking’ through deception or in this instance, the exploitation of vulnerable people crossing borders.  It has …

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Serving Organisations

Gaz Kishere Greece, UK

We need to address any organisational culture which limits life for the worker and outcomes for the beneficiaries. A growing percentage of the work of CBI in Greece and elsewhere has been in helping existing Grass roots organisations with their planning, strategy and personnel. Many major NGO’s have now left Greece and it has put considerable pressure on those who …

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Gaz Kishere Greece, UK

We were recently asked to contribute a chapter to a book by modern slavery academic Kevin Bales (Professor of Contemporary Slavery at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation UK). The publication will be provided free to frontline workers and anti trafficking workers across the world. The chapter focuses on bad habits of organisations, the care of …

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Prevention Greece

jamie Greece

It is critical that we invest in prevention through working with young people to eradicate those things which make them vulnerable to exploitation. It is also vital that we work to stop them becoming exploiters and stem the tide of cultural demand which views exploitation as acceptable. Europe is at the centre of a global epidemic in the buying and …