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Serving Organisations

Gaz Kishere Greece, UK

We need to address any organisational culture which limits life for the worker and outcomes for the beneficiaries. A growing percentage of the work of CBI in Greece and elsewhere has been in helping existing Grass roots organisations with their planning, strategy and personnel. Many major NGO’s have now left Greece and it has put considerable pressure on those who …

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Gaz Kishere Greece, UK

We were recently asked to contribute a chapter to a book by modern slavery academic Kevin Bales (Professor of Contemporary Slavery at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation UK). The publication will be provided free to frontline workers and anti trafficking workers across the world. The chapter focuses on bad habits of organisations, the care of …

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Prevention UK

jamie UK

Many European countries have signed up to the European Union Declaration on Human Trafficking. It has placed pressure on frontline services like police, border control agencies and local social services to identify potential victims of Trafficking. There has been a severe lack of tools provided to the agencies to make such an expectation achievable which is why CBI along with …